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Online Shopping Mall – Save Money & Time, But Have the Best One


Introduction of Online Shopping Mall


Purchasing online is more popular than it has ever been. Millions of users go to internet  every day to buy everything; from food markets to fashion items.

Improvements to electronic commerce technologies come to us really quickly. Bringing with them great improvements to the online shopping experience, and changing the way we make purchases as a whole.

The development of electronic commerce has unleashed millions of business initiatives and opened a global marketplace that has managed to increase sales in an impressive manner. Reduced security risks in commercial transactions, the confidence to make purchases and sales over the network has increased exponentially.

Modern Technology has altered our lives to limits that, not long ago, could only be envisaged in science fiction. The Internet has transformed all sectors of the marketplace, from tourism, leisure and communications, into food and banking. One of the most notable changes in this transformation has been the appearance of electronic commerce. Book hotel and flight when planning, vacation, make purchases of a week or order food at home while watching a film.  It is something that, can be managed by the same individual in a minute even by their smartphone as well.

For all this, here are some of the most common Advantages and Disadvantages that can be found when buying online. So that this article can serve as a basic guide for virtual  transactions safely and efficiently.

virtual  purchases allow access to rebates and offers, but there are also some disadvantages  that we must avoid. In This article  we will highlight some key Advantages  in online  shopping and online stores, as well some Dis-disadvantages too.  In the following para we will discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of online shopping  visiting  Online Shopping Mall.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping Mall:

The online shopping is changing the way of doing business.  Its advantages open more and more markets and boost business initiatives at levels.  That nobody could imagine a few years ago. The development of e-commerce has unleashed millions of business initiatives and opened a global marketplace. This virtual marketplace that has managed to increase sales in an impressive manner. Reduced security risks in commercial transactions, the confidence to make purchases and sales over the network has increased exponentially. In what follows, we level out some key advantages  of online shopping and online shops, as well as disadvantages too.

However, there many Advantages and fewer Disadvantages of  Online Shopping, here we will discuss the major Advantages and Disadvantages of  online shopping.


Advantages of Online Shopping Mall:


Due to the numerous advantages and benefits, more and more people say they prefer online shopping instead of conventional purchases these days. It is important to understand the psyche of the online buyer.  Connecting to the internet, you can buy anything round the clock,  through competitive intelligence, competitive pricing, customer service and more.

There are many Advantages of online shopping by visiting an online shopping mall or virtual stores/outlets.  Here 16 major Advantage are appended below:

1. Variety:

One can get several brands and products from different vendors in few clicks only. Search the latest international trends without spending money on trips. You can make purchases from retailers from other parts of the country or even the world without being limited by the geographical. These stores offer a greater selection of colors and sizes that you can’t find in the traditional marketplace. If you find that the product you need is out of stock online, you can go to another online store where the product is available.

2. Best prices: 

Get cheaper deals and best prices from online shops because the products come to you straight from the manufacturer or seller without intermediaries involved. Many online stores  frequently offer discount/sale and also offer discount coupons and seasonal discounts.

3. Save money:

Finally, there is another very important aspect in any shopping experience that tries to save as much money as possible. One of the reasons why people enjoy shopping online is that you can often find a product online cheaper than in  traditional stores.

4. Less expenses:

Many times when we opt for conventional purchases, we tend to spend much more than the necessary purchase expenses, on things like eating out, traveling, impulse purchases, etc.

5. Price comparison: 

Online stores make comparison and research of products and possible costs. This virtual outlet also gives you the ability to share information and exchange comments with other buyers who have first-hand experience with a product.

6.  Crowd Free:

If you would like to avoid the crowds when you do the shopping. The crowds force us to make rushed purchases most of the time. The crowds also create a problem when it comes to finding a parking spot nearby, where you want to go shopping and return to your vehicle later loaded with shopping bags.

7.  Compulsive shopping:

Many times when we go shopping we end up buying things we do not need due to the shopkeepers’ sales skills. Or due to the lack of options in those stores we end up buying items that we do not really need.

8.  Discreet purchases:

Some things are done better in privacy. Online stores allow us to buy underwear, lingerie or adult toys without the embarrassment of having several people watching it.

9.   Streamlining purchases using e-commerce:

A virtual store allows for the configuration of your website, that the customer has at hand the entire catalog of the online store, the inventory, the detail of the product you want to buy and an easy-to-use automated purchasing system.

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Disadvantages of Online Shopping:

Though there are many Advantages of Online Shopping but yet, some Disadvantages are there too.   The Major Disadvantages are appended below:

1. The online store lacks human contact:

The online shopping is based on a virtual platform, and in the online stores the clients interact without people of flesh and blood in between, there is no relationship with the seller that is present in the physical stores.

2. Need to connect to the internet:

To make our purchases via a virtual store  you need a device with an Internet connection. Even when the number of Internet users is increasing, there are still people who do not have a connection.

3. Security problems in virtual stores: 

There are still levels of concern for the security of the data shared by customers in online shopping operations. Companies need to guarantee the security of these data by resorting to security certifications.Which have been quite efficient, radically improving the security of purchases at through online stores.

It is necessary to take into account the turn of the business at the time of deciding to undertake in e-commerce, Because, not everyone adapts to the digital world, since they depend on various factors such as visits to the store or the conversion rate, among others. . However, well-channeled technology offers a wide range of benefits that can be used to promote any plan or strategy.

4. Timeout in an online shopping operation:

The delivery of the acquired products is not immediate, we have to wait a while for the delivery to take place. The truth is that beyond all, the advantages have been greater than the disadvantages in the world of online shopping. That is why the number of commercial operations is increasing via online stores or virtual stores, opening untold possibilities for economic enterprises in the cloud.

5. Can’t see the Product Physically before buy:

Buyers  are not able to  see  the products physically before buy in online shops. Here buyers must be satisfied by seeing  the products’s images or catalogue online only.

6. Insecure Transaction:

By making an online payment through an insecure transaction,  you may be exposed to fraud or identity theft, though there is less possibility.

7. Lack of Human Service:

Of course, there is the lack of human service to the client when things go wrong. No doubt that, online shopping has revolutionized our experiences as customers, and will continue as technological advances continue. It’s important to keep track of risks that we cannot ignore and new risks that can arise from online purchases, which becomes an increasingly normal part of our daily life. Therefore, there may be stores with facilities, convenience and varieties. But you should make sure to be a secure store to ensure that you have the best online shopping experience possible.

8. Hidden costs:

One in five users who abandon an online purchase does so because of hidden costs. Although one of the main advantages when buying online is the economic savings. It is very important to remain careful during the purchase process. Be sure about it here are any other costs, except the actual product price. Maximum time no extra cost charges like shipping, management, handling costs etc. So it’s wise to clear it before  to place an order.

9.  Sensation of not spending when buying online:


The lack of monetary tangibility in this type of purchases often causes the sensation of not spending during the purchase and of perceiving that the expenditure we have made is less than the real one. It is important not to fall into this false sensation and be aware at all times of the amount of our purchase.

10.  Problems with the shipment:

The waiting time to receive items purchased when buying online is always higher than the traditional purchase. May be more than one  day and even weeks, and there is also the possibility that the product is damaged in that time.


11.  Exchange or Return Process a Quite Difficult than of Traditional Purchase:

The return process (usually more complicated than in the traditional purchase), the impossibility of testing the product before acquiring it or the impulsiveness to the temptation that some offers may involve are other dangers that exist when buying Internet.

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It appears apparent that the advantages of online shopping outweigh the disadvantages, both for consumers and retailers. The truth is that beyond all the advantages have been greater than the disadvantages in the world of online shopping. That is why the number of commercial operations is increasing via online stores or virtual stores.

Although the advantages of buying online are many, it is convenient to take certain precautions during the process. The internet also offers possibilities to carry out crimes such as fraud and we must be very careful when providing our personal data.

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