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Super Affiliated System - AUTUNEBINAR (Mobile Screen) by FUNNEL JOHN CRESTANI

Have you heard about the Super Affiliate System John Crestani’s Autowebinar Funnel?

Thank you for reviewing this system before driving into it. Performing a research before subscribing to any online opportunity is the best way to avoid fraud.

Welcome to Super Affiliate System by John Kristani (Review)

Overview / Short summary:


Product name: Super Affiliate System

Website / Landing page: Register to join for free training here

Owner / Founder: John Christani

Type of program: Training program

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Who is John Christani?

John Christani is a world renowned expert in affiliate marketing. Leaving hid  business profitable in the corporate world and building an empire in an affiliate marketing space. He is a serial businessman and has founded three separate companies with incomes exceeding $ 1 million, at 29 years of age.

He is the creator of the Super Affiliate System, whose goal is to educate a handful of aspiring marketers about how they can participate in affiliate marketing activities. 

Frankly, I love affiliate marketing and that’s what I use in my online job. You just need to have the right mindset, determination and perseverance to succeed with it. John says it’s clear how  it is to be an affiliate marketer.

“Your job as affiliate marketing is to do a better job of  selling the product than the merchant himself” – John Christani.

This is what this training program is about: becoming a highly-affiliated seller in the comfort of your home.

Official Website 

This system really incorporates the style of a dream laptop where you can work anytime and anywhere.

The Super Affiliate System is a place choice and will teach you who builds your sales path by generating free traffic and using this effective method of affiliate marketing. This system is for you if you are just starting out or looking to really concentrate on developing your affiliate marketing business.

The duration of this course is 12 weeks and this is what you will get.

What Is There Within The Member Area?


The course is divided into 12  weeks (including 50 hours of content) and provided additional resources and totally focuses on paid advertising methods.

John Christani’s 12 Weeks Training Program Super Affiliate System.

The main objective of this course is to help you earn profits ranging from $ 1 to $ 1000 online, so that you can see what really works and is still a motivator.

Week wise course plans are appended below:

Week 1: Summary & System Configuration

Learn how to set up the basic elements for your company, such as your website, preview page and Facebook ads. From getting to the right place, joining a network to set up your website to capture leads, set up a pre-sale page and maintain a good relationship with your affiliate network, because John covers everything you need to know to set up as an affiliate.

Week 2: Mentality, Specialized Research, Networking And Intention.

Week 2 is about developing the proper mindset as a subsidiary. Learn to choose the right place, find the right product, understand consumer psychology and discover why people buy. The most important lesson about intentions, in which you understand the importance of getting traffic to the right, is to try to get the most sales for your affiliate screen.

Week 3: Understanding The System

Here you can learn more about strategy and mentality. To start an online business, you must understand the basics of business and unlock the super affiliate mindset that is in you.

Week 4: Marketing Skills


This week’s focus is the writing of texts, and may be the most important skill for each marketing professional. Here you will learn how to write a good copy and how to optimize your ads.

Week 5: Copy Writing Skills


This section deals with the writing of effective  copy writing skill and not only teaches you the secret to convert your sales pages, but also how to write the conversion of Facebook ads, email response services, Google ads, titles, the shipping pages and everything in the middle.

Although there is no professional writer to make money with affiliate marketing, so these skills are essential to stay in the game and in the third week you will learn exactly that.

Week 6: Facebook and Google Ads


Mostly it is self explanatory. Learn how to set up a Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns, according to the rules. But not to mention that they are the most popular advertising platforms (more than 2 billion active users per month).

Week 7: Native and YouTube


Here you will learn how to increase the power of local ads (paid ads included in a media format based on the content of the website) and how to make announcements on YouTube. 

Week 8: Scaling and Outsourcing


Once you have marketing and advertising skills, it is important that you learn to automate your business for growth. That is what it means to have a super mentality.

Week 9: Most Advertising Campaigns


There are more options to start your advertising campaigns, as well as the two most popular advertising platforms, such as Facebook and Google. In this module, John explains how to pay for advertising on other platforms, especially Bing or LinkedIn.

Week 10: Application of the System


The focus here is how to find the right place, what niche  to choose and which ad network to join. Therefore, this module is necessary to really start to take action and choose the direction in which you want to deal with your online business.

Week 11: Advanced Software And Tools


On this 11th week  every affiliate marketer uses automatic responses, such as optical marketing marketing products, there are some advanced tools and software that you should know and use as a superior subsidiary to increase profitability.

Week 12: More Affiliate Programs.


During this week, John analyzes some other useful courses that will lead him to the next commercialization.

  1. Your membership area has other valuable resources that will help you a lot to start your  onlie business:
  2. Data orientation (email list of potential customers in different domains)
  3. Ad Exchanges (examples of advertising copy for different mutations)
  4. Sales pages (ready-to-use sales pages ready to use)
  5. Affiliate networks (recommended networks)
  6. Ad networks (recommended networks + advertising, coupons)
  7. In case of support, you can contact John and his team in one of the following ways:
  8. Help desk
  9. Email
  10. Facebook group (a special group of members to get in touch with John and the rest of the community)

How To Access Them ?


You can participate in a free 7-day training seminar. You do not have to pay anything yet.  Chose the date that suits you best. This step-by-step training will help you build your online business from scratch.

This online training webinar is conducted by John Christian himself, and then you will be offered to take it further to buy the JetsetLive training program.  JetsetLIVE is a monthly live Webinar hosted by John to provide additional marketing tips and guidelines.

The JetsetLIVE course is $ 47. If you want to access the monthly Webinars on the JetsetLIVE website, pay $ 47 per month.


1. Step By Step Training

The good part of this product is that the 12 week training videos are step by step. It is planned in a way that allows people to easily track and start quickly.

There are also a lot of quality values and content for absolute  beginners.

2. Really Easy, Good For Beginners.

According to the experts John Christani’s Super Affiliate Systems is really good for Beginners

3. Easy To Follow To Start Quickly.

The Tinning/course of John Christani’s Super Affiliate System is designed and planned in such a way, that helps to start quickly.

4. A Lot of Quality, And Content Values for Complete Beginners

John Christani’s Super Affiliate System courses Content’s values and its qualities are beginners friendly.

5. Advanced Templates For Ads, Landing Pages And Campaigns

This can be good and bad. Having prefabricated templates allows beginners to start quickly.

However, the “templates” not only limit the creativity of people, but can also damage Google ratings because the content is sometimes the same.

6. Money Back Guarantee

They claim that they have a 100% money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the course.

If they are able to provide this guarantee, it is a good sign that the courses are at least higher than average.


  1. No tools are provided 
  2. Limited / medium support 
  3. Not for experts.


The main concern is whether this program is a scam or a legit. I’m not going to say it’s a complete scam. It is really legitimate, but this requires hard work. However, the sales video is very convincing, which will make you think that you will earn money quickly.

During my research, I have caught some negative reviews of this product from previous members, but I have too found many positive reviews and testimonials that recommend this product to existing members as well as bloggers.

John admits that affiliate marketing does not make money easily, but actually works hard and takes advantage of the Internet to get a piece of cake over time. This is true and proved in metabolic studies. Therefore, make sure you understand this well before diving into any opportunity.

In my opinion, if you go under this online step by step training program, you can probably make money. However, there are many things in this product that I cannot find compared to the training platform I use: Wealthy Affiliate. Take a look at the graphic below:


It goes without saying that Wealthy Affiliate is still the best platform when it comes to creating an affiliate marketing company. Always start learning basic skills and this is where thousands of successful entrepreneurs have also started online. The best place to learn and build is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The first unit with 12th  free lessons, no need for a credit card.

I hope that this super affiliate system of John CrIstani’s (Review) has informed you of any questions you may have. If you have any questions or reflections, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck on your journey to financial freedom online.

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